Walt Disney: The “Plus” Factor

NBA executive and author Patt Williams has always been open about his fascination with Walt Disney. In his book How to Be Like Walt, Williams gives the reader not only an account of Walt’s life but also of what he did that made him so special and so successful.

One of the things that stood out to me was what Walt called “plussing”. Plussing or the Plus Factor as Williams calls it, is all about adding more value to the product or experience than what the customer expects. Walt would plus everything! From his motion pictures, cartoons, theme parks, merchandise and even his employees – he was all about looking for ways that added more value.

Walt Disney

Photo take by: Josh Hallet
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While Walt might have coined the phrase, you can see this mindset practiced in nearly every industry from business to sports. For example, as coaches we often ask athletes to give 110% effort, that extra 10% is the result of plussing.

As a coach, what are you plussing in your program? In what areas are you going over and beyond to make sure that your players are having a better playing experience?

Here are some examples of things that I have done throughout the years to plus my team’s experience:

  • Rebound before/after practice for players
  • Giving an athlete a ride either to or from practice
  • Helping them move into their apartment
  • Making extra recruiting calls to four-year coaches trying to get them more recognition
  • Taking the time to get to know them off the court (we have Monday Meetings)

As you probably noticed, all of these things take very little extra time on my end to do. BUT they make a big difference in the eyes of my players. As soon as you adopt the “giving more than what is expected mindset” you will notice that there are plussing opportunities in everything that you do!

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