Tim Miles: 8 Rules of Effective Rebounding

Rebounding is one of the lost arts of today’s games. Its tough, its physical and its HARD WORK. Combing these three things with the fact that you might not even get rewarded with the rebound after all your efforts is leaving players and teams unmotivated to crash the glass.


Picture Credit: Northridge Alumni

However, as Tim Miles, Head Coach of Nebraska, alludes in his DVD presentation, Creating a Culture of Toughness, all great teams understand the importance of rebounding in relation to the outcome of the game.

Coach Miles’ shares with us his 8 rules for effective rebounding:
Rule #1: No Time Off
Rule #2: Contest on all Shots
Rule #3: No Unnecessary Gambling
Rule #4: Call Shot
Rule #5: Box Anyone Out Within 15’
Rule #6: Outside of 15’ Pursue the Ball
Rule #7: 2 Hand Rebounds
Rule #8: Finish With a Strong Outlet
Do you apply these same rules with your team? If not what are you doing differently? Is it working?
Here is a video detailing what I call the 5 Absolutes of Rebounding. Enjoy!!

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