[Blog] Shooting Drill – “Half Back”

All coaches struggle with coming up with drills where the entire team can participate at once. Here is a shooting drill, where no matter position or size, everyone can participate (given that you have enough baskets). More importantly, players not only get game shots but they get to work on their conditioning as well.

Post Shooting Drill

1. Player starts around wing/short corner area, catches and shoots 15 footer
2. Sprints and touches half-court and then sprints down to the block where he receives a pass from a coach or manager and executes a post move
3. Drill is repeated to the spots shown above

Once a player has taken all 5 shots he can sprint back to half-court and then work his way back around the perimeter. Or after he makes his first post move the next player in line can start the drill so you can work multiple players at the same time. This is a GREAT drill that can be either used at the beginning of practice to warm up, before water breaks or at the end of practice to improve shot making and conditioning.

[Video] Want a few other partner shooting ideas? http://www.basketballclassroom.com/video-partner-shooting-routine/

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