Member Login was born from the desire to help coaches and players win more games. We realize it’s easy to say “win more games” and not so easy to make that goal a reality; however, we are CONVINCED that any coach or player can gain an advantage on the court by learning from the “greats” who have gone before them.

Our philosophy has always been: Why fight an uphill battle trying to learn by trial and error when you can be mentored by someone who has already been through the refiner’s fire? Coach Dave Stricklin is an example of one of the “greats” we mentioned above. He has a coaching record of 636-136 and has been leading teams to championships for 30 years! Take a look at his bio to read about him in more detail.

You are reading this page because you have a desire to win more games and you’re asking yourself if we can really help you achieve that goal. To answer that question, let us share our background. Outside of we’ve been in the business of providing training materials (videos, articles, etc.) for almost a decade. The average video in our library will cost $39 and we’ve sold thousands of them. We know people are hungry for information! The sad thing is that those $39 videos only teach one concept such as improving ball handling or how to defend the 2-3 zone. Do you see where we’re going with this? You have an opportunity to get training on ALL aspects of the game at a fraction of the cost!

We’ve talked to countless coaches and players at all levels of the game, watched thousands of basketball training videos and none of them have impressed us as much as Coach Stricklin. We want you to have the same experience so the next decision is yours. Take this opportunity to add to your arsenal and at the very least, sign up to get his free article. It will give you a taste of the basketball genius he has to offer.

As always, we wish you the best on the court this year. God Bless Basketball!

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.
– Japanese proverb