4 Ways to Have a More Successful Season Next Year

As soon as the final buzzer goes off at the last game of the season, coaches everywhere almost instinctively start looking forward to next season. The competitive nature in us all drives us to want to win more games, compete at a higher level and ultimately reach our goals. In order to have a more successful season next year, we need a combination of four things to happen.

Successful Season

#1: Hope You Get Better Players

Perhaps easier said then done, but the quickest ways to become better is to get better players. Typically, you see this take its course at the college, club and professional levels because they often have the luxury of hand selecting and recruiting the players they want on their squad. If you need proof just look at all the “super teams” and “Big 3’s” that are in the NBA.

#2: Improve Your Players

A little more realistic than hoping to land a big recruit or transfer is to spend time helping improve your players. The ability to improve your players will not only help the athletes but you will develop a reputation for doing so with athletes and their parents in the community. Who knows, this reputation might land you a transfer or two down the road.

#3: Become a Better Coach

Third, is to become a better coach. Invest in yourself and improve your own ability. Find your biggest weakness in X’s and O’s as well as your biggest “leadership” weakness and spend time improving them. Don’t know where to start – consider Basketball Classroom’s 6 month coaching program!

#4: Hope Other Teams Are Worse

The strong programs are consistently competitive year after year. However, for the majority of teams, their success tends to come and go. While this is certainly not something that I would want to bet my season on, it is something that everyone should have a realistic view about. You can win more games IF everyone else your competing against suddenly becomes worse than you.

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